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Adjustable Suspension
Aero Screen
Alloy Fuel Tank
Aluminium Radiator
Blade Anti Roll Bar
Bumper Bars
Carbon Fibre Guards
Engine Gearbox Brackets
Exhaust System
Inlet Rams and Cold Air Box
Light Weight Flywheel
O2 Sensor
Remote Gear Change
Remote Oil Filter
Reverse Water Kit
SeatbeltWarning Timer
Specialist Items
Wiring Loom

Adjustable Suspension

This package provides easy adjustment of camber without having to remove any suspension elements.

Price: $385 for components

Note: Wishbones need original centres removed.

Camber 1 Camber 2 Camber 3  

Aero Screen

A full width polycarbonate screen folded to provide stiffness.

Price: $160 + freight

Aero Screen Aero Screen 2    

Alloy Fuel Tank

All alloy, fully baffled, swirl pot, all fittings, mounting straps, drain, vent, supply, return, 50mm dia inlet
neck, universal fuel guage mounting.

Price: $470 + freight

Fuel Tank 1 Fuel Tank 2 Fuel Tank 3  

Aluminium Radiator

Designed to complement the reverse water kit. Fitted with vent and drain.

Price: POA

Aluminium Radiator Aluminium Radiator 2    

Blade Anti Roll Bar

A retrofittable package allowing easy variable stiffness. All components, bushes, drop links, rose joints supplied.

Price: $600 + freight

Sway 1 Sway 2    

Bumper Bars

Front Bumper - Price: $190 + freight
Rear Bumper
- Price: $160 + freight
Booth Bumper
- Price: $340 + freight

Carbon Fibre Guards

270mm wide to suit any reasonable tyre width including racing slicks. Very light weight, yet stiff and

Price: $540 + freight

Guard Guard 2 Guard 3  

Engine Gearbox Brackets

Price: $72 + freight

Engine Gear Box Engine Gear Box 2    

Exhaust System

A comlete system from engine to discharge tip. Four into two flanged just inside the body, two into
one from body to a flange at the catalytic converter. Fittings for O2 sensor, all steel to this point.

From the single pipe flange to the discharge, all pipe work and muffler is black with a chrome side
pipe discharge. All bolts, brackets and mounts are supplied.

Price: $1460 + freight


Heat Shield

Polished, stainless steel two piece shield with all fittings to suit the above exhaust.

Price: $400 + freight

Heat Shield Heat Shield 2    

Inlet Rams

4 x 50mm dia long-throat anodised spun aluminium rams with CNC machined alloy flanges to bolt
directly to you throttle bodies. (No cold box or filtration).

Price: $250 + freight


Cold Air Box - Fibregrass
A lightweight cold air box that suits the Rams detailed above. You decide the air entry point and

Price: POA

Airbox Airbox 2    

Light weight flywheel

A fully machined 4.6 kg flywheel with all drillings, tappings and dowels to suit a 200mm dia clutch.

Price: $450 + freight


O2 Sensor

This is a new four wire sensor fitted with a toyota wiring plug and can be screwed or flanged to the
exhaust pipe.

Price: $200 + freight

O2 Sensor O2 Sensor 2 O2 Sensor 3  

Remote Gear Change

This beautfifully made device allows you to have your chosen gear knob right beside the steering
wheel, fully adjustable for height and throw, and complete with all fittings and instructions.

Price: $375 + freight

Gearstick Gearstick 2    

Remote Oil System

This package provides for a remote high-volume oil filter and oil cooler, an oil thermostat can also be supplied. All fittings in anodised aluminium with stainless braided hosing.

Price: P.O.A.

Remote Oil System Remote Oil System 2 Remote Oil System 3  

Reverse Water Kit

This kit allows for both supply and return radiator lines to come from the front right side of the engine, eliminates the long pipes over the exhaust. All standard components are supplied.

Price: $375 + freight

Reverse Water Kit Reverse Water Kit 2 Reverse Water Kit 3  

Special remote billet filler cap and vent system is available.

Price: P.O.A.

Seatbelt Warning Timer

This is an integrated circuit that has a 15 second timer built in. The owner supplies the 12v light on the dash.

Price: $36 + freight

Seatbelt Warning Timer      

Special Items

Shift Light
Programmable for RPM indication and battery voltage.

Price: $190

Aftermarket Computer
This is used in conjunction with direct mounted coil packs located on a CNC aluminium plate that fits
to rocker cover and provides sequential ignition and injection and adjustable on/off VVC and is fully programmable. Comes with a tested standard map, or an upgraded cam map and suitable for either
silver or black top engines.

Price: $2950 + freight

Coil Packs Dist Cover    

Wiring Looms

Car Loom
Designed for Arrow Sports Cars and Australian build Westfields and will also suit locosts.
Car Looms are - professional purpose-designed, fully flexible car loom. Basically plug and play, complete with wiring diagrams and all male/female quick connect fittings. Designed to accept any ECU as well as Toyota's standard. Takes all the worry away.

Price: $1430 + freight

Loom 1 Loom 2    

Engine Loom
You supply the 20V loom from the donor engine, we strip out all unwanted wires, simplify it, and make
all arrangements for coil, igniter, ECU.You refit to engine in accordance with diagram we supply.

Price: $325 + freight

Car Loom and Engine Loom Package
Price: $1700 + freight

Note: Add $280 for an immobiliser system to be supplied



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